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I, Kalyani Ganapathy am an illustrator + picture book maker. I live where I was raised, in the Western Ghats of South India. I’ve always loved stories. They’ve captivated me and allowed me to grow throughout my life.  

In the last few years I’ve been a part of many exciting, successful collaborative projects that cultivate a mindful paradigm of love, health, happiness, creativity, balance, abundance and compassion. 
My collaborative journey includes Amrita Sher-Gil, Rebel with a Paintbrush with Anita Vachcharajani (Harper Collins Children’s Books), The Song at the Heart of the River with Ishani Lauren Naidu (Harper Collins Children’s Books) and The Secret Life of Debbie G with Vibha Batra (Harper Collins Children’s Books). 

Since then my team has grown to include another member with keen insights on how children perceive the world. With many years of teaching and writing experience under her belt, she is an added asset to my studio and a reminder that what we do must be relevant!

My mission and vision is that the work that I put into this world is refreshing, memorable and effective. So, if you have a daring idea you’d like the world to see as a picture book, then write to me  with your finished manuscript at kalyaniganapathy.work@gmail.com.  

Here’s how we work:
- We work with clients who are absolutely ready to take their idea into a fully-finished picture book. Here’s why:
(1) A finished book will provide you with a crystal clear idea of who this book is for and why it ought to be out in the world. You’ll be able to confidently ease into your pitch to potential publishers or publish and sell the book yourself. You’ll intuitively know what’s right for your work because you’ve been a part of the process rather than just let things happen.
(2) One half of a picture book is how the illustrations look with the writing, do they match up, are they reflecting and enhancing your writing? This way you get to be a part of the choices of what’s drawn on every page of your book. So you’ll be able to hold your work up with a big, confident smile!

- Asking questions is starting point to stretch our imagination  and yours further and further. So often we are trapped in limitations of our own makings. We often find that something that makes us roll on the floor laughing may have been left out because someone is worried how people may perceive him/her.

- After we’ve established the road map, we engage with you to polish up the story, put all the commas, full stops and exclamation points in its appropriate place. 

- Then I roll up my sleeves and working on the illustrated book, I engage with the writer on a regular basis, it’s important that we’re all on the same page and my visual ideas resonate with you. Many of the people I collaborate with show these sketches to their own children and I can assure you that their comments are taken very, very seriously. 

- At the end of the process you will have a fully finished picture book that you could publish any way you wanted. One of our clients came to me with the intention of self-publishing a limited edition. By the end of the process she truly believed her book was worthy of every bookstore. Long story short landed a publisher in a single email!

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